Arcana Crypto Tarot by WOCA on Auction Now

The female artist collective WOCA (Women of Crypto Art), has just released the world’s first fully functioning Tarot NFT on Async Art. The deck was created by the founding members of WOCA, including top female CryptoArtists such as Kristy Glas, Barbara Tosti, The Bad Lament, Stina Jones, KittyBast, Vanesa Stati, Heresy, Marigold, CrypticFauna, and many more.

The Arcana Crypto Tarot features the 22 cards of the traditional Major Arcana and is designed according to the individual artists’ interpretations. The history of Tarot cards and where they come from is a mystery, but they have been used as an occult divination tool for a long time now.

Many people will recognize the most popular symbolic archetypes such as the Hermit, the Fool, the Lovers, the Tower and the Hanged Man. There is a lot of information on the meaning of these universal archetypes, so if you’re not sure, you can read one of the many online guides on Tarot. 

For this NFT Tarot deck, a three-card spread is automatically generated every 24 hours. According to the instructions, anyone may visit the spread on any day with a question or concern in mind, and see what insights emerge from contemplating the cards. Read the full instructions and place a bid here. 

Watch the preview video of the Arcana Crypto Tarot below.

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