Ape Sanctuary to Benefit from Banana-Themed Collectibles

Another day, and another set of badass NFT collectibles have hit the market! This time around we have a batch of fruit-themed scoundrels. Here come the “Bad Bananas.”

10,000 Bad Bananas have arrived, each one a unique 1 of 1 NFT. Not your usual disembodied heads however, these are full-bodied, 3D, augmented reality NFTs. As is all the rage these days, the Bad Bananas do not follow the FOMO pricing model and are available now for a flat price of 0.05 ETH.

Furthermore, the NFTs provide an opportunity to help our primate cousins. 2% of funds raised from the sale is reserved for the adoption of captive hominoids at the “Center for Great Apes” in Wauchula, Florida. 72 apes are earmarked for adoption, 58 through the initial sale, with a further 14 reserved for future projects.

Get yours on the Bad Banana website ahead of the July 4th grand peeling.

If you have no interest in the NFT, but are interested in primate welfare, you can adopt an ape directly on the Center for Great Apes website. It generally costs $22,000 a year to care for an ape, but symbolic adoptions require a donation of just $25 per month. Supporters will then receive an adoption package and regular updates regarding their chosen monkey.

As the word “banana” floats through the meta-space, somewhere in the distance the members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club begin to salivate.

Visit the website >> Here

Acquire your banana-themed NFT on OpenSea >> Here

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