Anya Asano Drop on KnownOrigin This Thursday

The eccentric and abstract artist, Anya Asano (artist name ‘ayenwhyay’), is releasing an exclusive drop on Known Origins this Thursday, 11th February at 8PM UTC. 

The piece is called ‘SIFS :: Exit to Reionization’ and the price is 0.60 ETH ($1,075). It is part of her Scalar Inflation Field Series that explores the space between the multiverse. The digital artwork has an original looping soundtrack which was made by Anya. Her art is truly unique and difficult to describe through words. This specific piece looks like a rotating galactic glass marble shifting through the different dimensions and spaces of the multiverse. 

Anya describes the abstract artwork “As the phase transition begins, all fields start their expansion. It is not known what exists between them, one must experience the leap for themselves.

The other two digital pieces which are part of the Scalar Inflation Field Series and available for purchase are called ‘Ozmic Gateway’ and ‘SIFS :: Waiting for Evolution.’ Each piece is a looping video with its own audio. 

Anya is a digital artist who believes in the power of technology to bring diversity to the world of art and fantasy. She is driven by her own moral values and aspirations to keep reinventing and creating through technological mediums. For more of her artworks, follow her on Twitter and check out her page here.  

Photo credit: Art by Anya Asano 

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