Anna Zhilayeva Unleashes VR Art On Enthusiastic Collectors

Nifty Gateway’s latest exclusive release featured the French/Russian immersive artist, Anna Zhilayeva. She is well-known for her unique, creative process in virtual reality painting and as a pioneer of art in mixed reality. She’s performed worldwide in places like the Louvre Museum in Paris, where she recreated a classical painting during a three hour live performance. For each artwork, Anna produces a mixed reality video. This is an innovative technique which allows viewers who don’t have a virtual reality headset to watch her paint inside the virtual world. You can view the artworks here.

Nifty Gateway released three different artworks which were available for 6 minutes as open editions. In open collections, buyers can purchase as many editions as they want within the time frame set. Anna Zhilayeva sold 60 editions of her $500 “Hodling’ piece, 53 editions of her $750 ‘Etherexpansion’, and 71 editions of her $1000 ‘Satoshipolis’ piece. For the auction of her live artwork called ‘Metaphysic Journey,’ which she created at the Worldskills 2019 opening, the highest bid was $25,000. Pretty impressive! 

Anna studied Fine Art in Orenburg and at Herzen University in Russia. She was an Art Director at Lenizdat, the oldest publishing house of Saint Petersburg, before moving to France. She has also worked as a cartoon animator, portraitist, game designer and freelance illustrator. 

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