Easily Teleport Alien Worlds Tokens & NFTs Between Blockchains

The players say it, and the developers deliver, and that’s why we love Alien Worlds so much. Trilium and Alien Worlds NFTs are being deployed onto BSC, and by using Teleport, players will be able to deploy Trilium (TLM) onto BSC and then to WAX and to Ethereum. In short; users will be able to transfer the game’s native token, Trilium, as well as in-game NFTs, from WAX to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

To be able to use the teleporting function, you’ll need to be logged in both your MetaMask and WAX wallets. You will also need to have either ETH or BNB to pay for the gas fees in order to claim TLM on either BSC or Ethereum, and will also need to use gas to send from either of those chains to WAX.

The gas fees differ vastly depending on what blockchains users are transferring to and from. For example, if you teleport tokens from your Binance wallet to WAX, the gas fees will be approximately 0.00040517 BNB, which is $0.12. If you have an Ethereum account, you will be able to teleport tokens to WAX for gas costs of between $20 to $30. 

Read the full announcement and details of how to teleport your tokens here

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