How Alethea AI Enabled Two Avastar iNFTs to Flirt with Each Other

A recent collaboration between NFT project Avastars and the creator of intelligent NFTs (iNFT), Alethea AI, experimented with communication between iNFTs. Earlier this year Alethea AI used its technology to generate a conversation between an iNFT and a human, using Avastar #102, Pandora, to talk with founder of NFT42, Jimmy McNelis.

But this marked the first time that the tech was used to empower iNFTs to communicate between each other. Both of the NFTs used are pieces of generative vector art programmed with unique combinations of traits and genes on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the experiment, Pandora and Avastar #101, Salvatar, have a flirty conversation about the stars, science, and exploring the universe together. You can watch the rather hilarious and entertaining conversation here, where Salvatar tells Pandora ” Oh, you were thinking of going all scientific on me. I am impressed.”

This latest collaboration between Avastars and Alethea AI only scratches the surface of what intelligent NFTs are truly capable of in the new metaverse,” stated McNelis. “We’re seeing NFTs transform from digital artwork into functional digital beings with endless utility. For example, imagine two iNFTs co-hosting a podcast.”

Avastars was developed by NFT42, and the first 5,000 Avastars were dropped in February 2020. The NFT collection consists of a total of 25, 200 avatars, with their next debut, Avastars REPLICANTS expected to launch in late October 2021.

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