AkoinNFT Launches Inspired CryptoArt Collection by Venice Beach Duo

AkoinNFT, the well known cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem endorsed by worldwide R&B phenomenon Akon, has just released its first collaboration with digital art pioneers WrappedLA and Traveler Music

The 3 limited edition CryptoArt pieces, entitled ‘Fractal Statue’, ‘Chihuley’ and ‘Flower Wall’, take you on a journey through various environments which have captivated and inspired the talented Californian crypto artists. More specifically, the collection is focused around key inspirations in the lives of the creators, the challenges they’ve faced, and their unique design & artistic renderings.

To view the collection and learn more about the artworks click here

There will only ever be 100 copies of each NFT, all of which have been minted on the Taqo.io platform. To further add to the scarcity factor of these rare mints, each will only be available for the next 24 hours, after which time the rest will be burnt. 

To make things even better, five random purchasers will each win VIP access to the first AkoinNFT gallery, with three eventual winners having their piece displayed and auctioned! 

Akon already collected his piece of this mesmerizing artwork, make sure you get yours at https://www.akoinnft.io/ before the clock strikes 12pm PST on April 15 2021.

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