4 Ways YOU Can Add Beeple To Your CryptoArt Portfolio – From Just $1

If you have been paying any attention to NFTs recently, it is impossible to have missed the record shattering arrival of renowned Instagram artist, Beeple.

Since his first CryptoArt drop of ‘Politics is Bullshit’ on NiftyGateway back in October 2020, a rush of excitement has caused a frenzy amongst NFT collectors all scrambling over one another to grab their own slice of NFT history and buy a piece of who some are now calling the ‘Digital Banksy’.

As well as being at the forefront of innovation in the NFT scene, and creating the most glorious artworks to admire and appreciate, Beeple has also promised to make his art accessible for all collectors, regardless of the size of their bank balance. In fact, you can actually own a piece of his work from just $1, but you have to be quick! Here’s how….

1. MakersPlace

Cost: $1 per artwork.
When: TOMORROW: Saturday 27th February 2021, 7pm EST

In a surprise announcement, Beeple revealed yesterday that he will be selling 105 new NFTs + a physical piece for just $1. Start training your mouse-clicking-finger, it looks like this will be a fastest finger first setup. The last time Beeple did a $1 drop it sold out within seconds, and today you can’t buy one of those pieces for less than a cool $333,333 on the secondary marketplace.

More Info & Register>> https://makersplace.com/beeple/5000-days-selects/


2. Metapurse – B20 Token

Cost: Currently $9.88 per B20 token

In his second ever auction, Beeple offered a range of 20 unique 1 of 1 artworks at auction. With a lot of careful planning, millionaire investor Metakovan managed to outsmart other bidders and buy Every. Single. One. The whole collection was purchased for $2.7m.

This whole collection has now been placed into a vault and a community project (Metapurse) has been formed around it, with ownership of the collection being fractionalized into the B20 token, essentially making all B20 token holders partial owners, decision makers and proportional beneficiaries from the final sale of the collection. This experiment is fascinating and goes much deeper. If you want to get involved, below are a few links to help you find out more.

>> Here is a great podcast conducted by Zima Red with Metakovan discussing how he and his partner, Twobadour, managed to orchestrate such an epic auction strategy.

>> Link to the community website

>> Anyone can buy some B20, available here on Uniswap.

b20 token metapurse

3. Nifty Gateway

Cost: Currently $155,555 – $ Millions per NFT artwork

So far, Beeple has only done 2 drops, both on NiftyGateway. The 3 beautiful open editions in the second collection were also the first time ever that a physical piece was sent with the NFT from any artist. At the time of writing anybody wanting to own a piece of history would need a 6 figure sum. True proof that CryptoArt can be a beautiful thing, as well as a shrewd investment.

You can view the collections here.



4. Christies

Cost: $2.4m – $ ??? 

Continuing his work as a disciple for the NFT community, Beeples latest ground breaking event saw him put his latest NFT named “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” to auction in collaboration with the world famous auction house, Christies. In a world first, Christies will also be accepting Ethereum as payment. The auction started yesterday and runs for 14 days. This has already started to grab the attention of mainstream media. Bravo Beeple!

You can follow the bidding live online here>> https://onlineonly.christies.com/s/first-open-beeple/beeple-b-1981-1/112924

Final Thoughts

As NFTs continue to see an influx of new creators and investors arrive in the space, you can’t help but feel that they are arriving just in time to still have the chance at owning a piece of NFT history. The space is still in its early days, but the explosive growth shows no signs of slowing down, and when the masses arrive, you can only imagine how much the competition will intensify to add a Beeple piece to your art portfolio.

Most of the earliest investors in the NFT space are now being rewarded for their loyalty and belief in a technology which seemingly still baffles a large portion of the general public and media outlets. If NFTs have clicked with you and ‘you get it’, you are still in the minority.

There has never been a better time to invest, so will you be adding any Beeple artwork to your collection?

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Disclosure: NFTPlazas owns Beeple artwork and B20 token.

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