‘Accelerate Art’ Proves Anything is Possible in CryptoVoxels

Accelerate Art, bastions of the CryptoVoxels art scene and defender of emerging artists, have unveiled their grand new gallery.

The nautical-themed edifice is piratical in nature. A Jules Verne-esque leviathan in the shape of an enormous purple octopus dwarfs the galleon-inspired building. On the inside, pirate booty, vast chandeliers and cannons, together with a ship’s wheel, all provide thematic additions.

Meanwhile, sand and seashells adorn the floor in a thick carpet, and going for a walk and falling into the water will reveal sea defences in the shape of landmines. The sails are raised high as if in a perpetual state of flight, and the design contrasts starkly with the square skyscrapers surrounding it.


The majestic new gallery is the brainchild of sought-after digital artist Indra Tor, and will be used to showcase Accelerate Art’s portfolio of emerging artists and rising talent. Voxel artist Indra specialises in making tiny scenes capturing moments, and has recently established herself on the NFT art scene. But if this project proves anything, it’s that she is just as comfortable capturing epic moments on a grand scale.


Accelerate Art’s fine new establishment is now open to visitors, and is located on Little Ceres in CryptoVoxels. Click here to visit the gallery.

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