Abstract Artist Sinclair is Coming to $MEME

The famous and talented abstract artist Sinclair is joining the $MEME family!

He will be dropping four new meme-themed NFTs on February 16th at 13:37 EST. He created four exclusive one-lined animated memes. They are called ‘Yoda’, ‘Elon Blunts’, ‘Sipping Tea’ and ‘Living Meme’. 

‘Yoda’ is a 1 of 1 original and will be available for auction. ‘Yoda’ is Sinclair’s abstract portrayal of one of the most memorable moments in Star Wars – the first time Yoda wields a lightsaber in Episode II. 

The other three pieces are farmable NFTs. There will be 10 editions of ‘Elon Blunts,’ 100 of ‘Sipping Tea,’ and 250 of ‘Living Meme.’ 

Sinclair is well-known in the crypto art community for his one-line animations of iconic pop culture moments, and this is the first time he will be releasing animated iconic memes. He is really excited to be taking a different approach, and says that “memes have always been a form of communication and connection.” His one-line style aims to “portray people and society in an abstract way to communicate deeper thoughts.”

You can see more of his artwork on SuperRare. And keep an eye out for Sinclair’s upcoming virtual exhibition! 

Photo credit: Art by Sinclair

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