The First Crew of Exclusive Aavegotchis Go Fractional

The first crew of Gotchis to be minted on Polygon L2, the Aastronauts, have journeyed from Polygon back to Ethereum. And their next destination is…your wallet. Why? Because these iconic Aavegotchis are being fractionalized into a million pieces represented by the uGOTCHI token. 

This means that anyone can own a piece of the action, without even having an Aavegotchi, and it couldn’t be more timely with the Rarity Farming event which started on April 20th and will go on until June 15th. And yes, that’s right, the collection’s Aavegotchis are still able to participate in Rarity Farming Season One!

The Aastronauts are fractionalized via the newly-launched platform, a protocol to combine, fractionalize and trade NFTs. became the third largest NFT marketplace three days after its launch. Today, shards created on the platform have a combined market cap of more than $10m and the Genesis uUNICLY Collection’s market cap has reached over 600x since launch.

uGOTCHI tokens are minted via and represent direct ownership of the uGOTCHI Collection, with the first one being the Aastronauts. The collection includes some of the rarest and most expensive Aavegotchis to date, boasting very high rarity scores and super rare eyes.

Each wearable is also equipped with an ERC-1155 NFT, many of which are extremely rare and powerful items, such as Goddlike Vitalik Brain, Godlike All-Seeing Eyes,Godlike Lil Pump Threads, and Godlike Stani Hair.

Find out more about how the fractionalized collection and how you can farm GHST here.

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