Aavegotchi Officially Launches on March 2

It’s finally here! Pixelcraft Studios® has announced that Aavegotchi, the digital pet collectibles game, is officially launching on March 2nd at 10AM EST/11PM SGT. 

The launch is taking place on Aavegotchi.com and will include a massive NFT drop. The drop will release 10,000 Aavegotchi Portals to the public. Other key features will also go live, such as the online Aavegotchi shop, and a special NFT marketplace called Baazaar. 

– For a simple breakdown of the Aavegotchi game read this great article by NonFungible
– To learn more in depth run through about Aavegotchi, you can read the official wiki here.

Users will be able to buy unique and rare game items and power-ups at the online shop, and trade rare Aavegotchis on the marketplace. The Aave Portals can immediately be traded on Bazaar or other secondary marketplaces after purchase. And the best part is that users can finally enjoy trading NFTs on a layer 2 blockchain with close to zero transaction fees. 

What sets Aavegotchi apart from other NFT projects is that it exists entirely on the blockchain rather than using Web2 servers or IPFS. This means that each gotchi’s value and collectability is strengthened since its traits and staked cryptocurrencies are all permanently stored on the blockchain.

It’s been a wild ride, from our token launch in September, to the decision to migrate to L2 back in January,” Pixelcraft Studios CEO Coder Dan shares. “Now the wait is finally over — Aavegotchis are coming!”

We have high hopes for this project and will be watching closely, joining in and making Frens over the coming months.

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