Big Aavegotchi Farming Event Coming Up – $2m Play-To-Earn!

Aavegotchi, the DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles game that runs on Polygon, is ready to reward its GotchiGang. Aavegotchi’s First Rarity Farming Season is here, a play-to-earn event that rewards players for holding their Gotchis. The event will take place between April 20 and June 15. 

There will be over 2 million USD worth of GHST rewards to be harvested during the eight-week event, which will be divided into four rounds. The three competition categories are Rarity, Kinship, and Experience. Rarity Score is the main competition, and 70% of the Rewards Pool GHST will be allocated to this leaderboard, 20% to Kinship, and 10% to Experience. The number one Gotchi by Rarity Score will win up to 100,000 GHST, which is over $143,000 USD.

For the first season, all you need is an Aavegotchi to start playing and earning, and there will be no skills-based battles or time trials. The goal is to climb three leaderboards, and the degree to which you farm GHST will depend on how well you equip your Aavegotchi, interact with it, and engage with the wider community. 

Find out more about the event details and how to win over here. And even if you’re totally new to Aavegotchi, it’s not too late to join the GotchiGang and get your Gotchi pimpin’ for the event! 

Image credit: via Aavegotchi

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