Aavegotchi Bazaar Hits $8 Million in One Week + A Cool Gotchi Tool

The DeFi-enabled, crypto collectibles game Aavegotchi, has been doing incredibly well since the extremely successful launch of the game on March 2nd. The CEO of the leading game development team, Pixelcraft Studios, said that Aavegotchi’s native marketplace, Bazaar, has already done around $8 million in trading volume (5.5 million $GHST). 

Part of the reason the game has seen such immense is due to its strategic move to Polygon. Polygon is a smart-contract platform and layer two scaling solution for Ethereum, and it allows for gas-free trading. Aavegotchi were supposed to launch the game in early January, but postponed it to March so they could migrate to the Polygon network where users can avoid the exorbitant gas fees of Ethereum. What a smart move that turns out to have been. The game runs seamlessly and costs fractions of pennies to make a transaction. This is clearly the future.

Another Cool Tool – GHST Explorer

For those who want to feast their eyes on the full list of cute and ‘frenly’ Aavegotchi ghost pet collectibles that have already been created by the community, you can now click here. This tool is a great way to get an overview of all the different styles of Gotchi that have already been dressed to impress by their masters. Better still, if you click here it helps you can keep track of exactly how many portals have been opened so far. At the time of writing 6,452 / 10,000 haunt 1 portals have now been opened. 

If you want to start playing this fun game, head over to the site and find out how to summon an Aavegotchi and claim a name for it. This game is definitely going to get better and better, plus there are many new and exciting plans for scaling the AavegotchiDAO

Make your life complete. Summon a Gotchi.

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