A Journey Down ‘The Rabbit Hole’ in Decentraland

Welcome to the new Metaverse Explorer column here at NFT Plazas. I’m Jake, and in this new column I will be will covering my extensive exploration missions throughout the metaverse and then sharing some of my favourite builds with you on a weekly basis, starting with my first discovery, The Rabbit Hole in Decentraland located at 90,-35.

Nestled deep down in the southeast corner of Decentraland sits a haunted museum seldom visited by the living called the Rabbit Hole. The structure oozes a dystopian vibe reminiscent of buildings in BioShock. The museum is 3 parcels away from Dragon City and adjacent to the SAVAS NFT Gallery and the Signum Gallery. The owner of this parcel is unknown; however, the name “NEON” is graffitied on the left side of the building.

The building is an exceptionally created black structure reminiscent of a bordered-up apartment complex or abandoned building. The wall textures look like rusted brick and wood in all black. On the right side of the structure there are gaslight lamp posts and a construction ladder.

What’s unique about this fabulously crafted structure is its duality of being a run-down building, but also a high-quality build. The artist had an acute attention to detail and understood the look and feel the museum was aiming for. This is clear to me when I saw the gaslight lamp posts and the construction ladder. The graffiti is a unique touch and adds to the vibe of the structure. The inside of the structure is arguably even more unique than the outside. The first detail I noticed was the TV screens to the right and left of the entrance way.

The sight gave me an unnerving feeling like when I watched Saw: The Movie for the first time. All the screens are blank besides one TV with binary code on it. The hallway leads to the back of the building with a poem written on the wall.

There is a hidden room in the hallway if you turn left into the “Boredom in Relative” art piece. The room has binary code walls and contains an art piece called “Layer King.” The downstairs features several art pieces and chairs to enjoy its beauty.

The stairs can be found hidden around the right corner in front of the “Metaverse Sage” art piece. The upstairs is a run-down bar including small details like broken bottles, boarded-up walls, and scattered newspaper on the ground.

The third set of stairs is hidden in the back right corner of the floor. The last floor is a narrow hallway with one room. The single room has a binary code, see-through wall with a single chair in it. The chair is looking directly at a phone and two art pieces called “Human Cycle” and “Digital Reflection.”

The Rabbit Hole is a unique structure emitting a chilling and disturbing vibe. The details the artist used to craft the building is truly a piece of art from the broken bottles on the floor to the NFT art showcased.

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