3LAU Releasing the First-Ever Tokenized Music Album

Musical genius 3LAU is doing something phenomenal for the music community – on February 25th at 7 PM EST he will be auctioning the first tokenized album ever. 

The auction will be selling a collection of limited edition NFTs called the ‘Ultraviolet NFT Collection.’ The collection of NFTs represent his best-selling album Ultraviolet. 

Bidders can win 1 of 33 NFTs. These are the only 33 Ultraviolet Vinyl NFTs that will ever be minted. Each NFT will be redeemable for special edition vinyls, unreleased music, and special experiences. Winners will also receive bonus song NFTs. The NFT Collection is to commemorate the 3-year release of Ultraviolet and to celebrate his immense success of over 1 billion online streams. 

There are three different rewards tiers for the top 33 bidders. They are ‘The Platinum Tier,’ The Gold Tier,’ and ‘The Silver Tier.’ Each tier comes with different rewards and rare NFTs. 

There is also ‘The Bronze Tier’ for every bidder who does not win an Ultraviolet collection. They will receive a complimentary participation NFT, however, it will not be redeemable. 

The top bidder will be able to collaborate with 3LAU to create a brand new single which will be tokenized as 1 of 1 song NFT.

Sign up for the auction and get the full details here.

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