Collect the Most Influential Daily Events with 365 Moments AI NFTs

Creators in the NFT space are some of the most innovative individuals around. A recent project which has started to gain traction, known as 365 Moments, has fused a number of elements together to create incredible NFTs.

365 Moments releases daily pieces of unique art, but with a twist – all the artworks are created with AI. The combination of CryptoArt and AI has been a growing trend in the space, with the most recent experiment consisting of two NFTs talking to each other through AI-enhanced features.

The pieces created by AI in 365 Moments represent the most important and influential news of that day, so collectors can forever keep important moments in history in their collections. Some examples of recent creations include; an NFT dedicated to the UK taking in the teenage Afghan women football team after they had to hide in Pakistan for the past weeks, Lebanon’s electricity grid shutting down due to fuel shortage, and the death of the gorilla Ndakasi.

365 Moment NFT in memory gorilla Ndakasi

The team behind the project also donates part of the profits to social projects related to the topic of the NFT Moment of the day. A special NFT was released in memory of September 11, of which the profits from the sale were donated to The National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Fans can join the Discord server of 365 Moments, where the community participates in voting and events. For example, members can help choose the daily topic for the NFT, or which artwork should be used for the NFT. There is also a leaderboard where users can score points and earn cool prizes by participating in events. Collectors of 365 Moments get other perks such as participating in special collectors-only events, and the right to claim an artwork as a high-resolution image.

Stay tuned on the latest updates and check out the full roadmap from 365 Moments on Twitter. Starting next month all buyers will have the chance to claim an artwork as a physical canvas (shipped worldwide).

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