3 NFT Guides Everybody Should Read

Are you looking to learn about NFTs? Or maybe do research on overall statistics and data? Compared to only a few months ago, there are now thousands of articles about NFTs. Many websites which used to be focused only on cryptocurrency news have now added an NFT section to their websites, and there are many blog posts on Medium with excellent NFT guides and tutorials. So when it comes to learning about basic concepts or accessing more advanced information, it can be difficult to know where to start from. 

In this article we cover the best of the bunch. These are hand down the best 3 resources for NFT information. In this article, we give you an overview of each one, including who they are suitable for, and what type of content they cover. Grab a coffee and enjoy.

The Non-Fungible Token Bible by OpenSea

The NFT Bible OpenSea

This guide is by far the best one out there (at the moment) for anyone who wants a complete step-by-step breakdown and explanation of anything related to NFTs. Whether you’re new or old to NFTs, The NFT Bible will have something for you.

The NFT Bible covers the following topics:

  • What an NFT is: including, standardization, interoperability, tradeability, liquidity, immutability and provable scarcity, and programmability.
  • NFT Standards: including, ERC721, ERC1155, and non-Ethereum standards.
  • NFT Metadata: including, on-chain vs. off-chain and off-chain storage solutions.
  • History of NFTs (2017-2020): including, birth of CryptoKitties, venture capitalist interest, Layer 2, virtual worlds expanding, NFT minting platforms, and much more.
  • NFT Myths: including, scarcity alone drives demand.
  • The NFT Market: including, current market size, market growth, sale mechanisms, NFT distribution, what’s next for NFTs? 

View The NFT Bible here

The NFT Yearly Report

The NFT Yearly Report

The NFT Yearly Report by NonFungible is the most comprehensive report on the Ethereum NFT ecosystem and is the best resource for those who love numbers and stats, as well as an overview of the NFT industry. NonFungible previously released two editions for 2018 and 2019, and the latest 2020 edition was released in February 2021. You don’t have to be an expert to understand the report, the team at NonFungible has worked hard to make it as accessible as possible to the general public, and the report provides explanations for each trend and each chart.

The report comes in a free digital version or a physical professional edition. The market analyses are compared with feedback from experts in the NFT space, such as renowned artists, collectors, founders and CEOs. 

The NFT Yearly Report for 2020 covers the following topics:

  • Key Takeaways – A summary of the 140 page report in two pages. Only available in the Pro Edition. 
  • Highlights of 2020, game releases, announcements, fundraising, presales, and much more.
  • Global indicators on the performance of the NFT industry: including, market capitalization, total number of active wallets, volume of active smart contracts, and more.
  • NFTs vs Crypto Markets: including, how the NFT markets move in relation to the price of gas, or when the value of Ether increases, and how the market capitalization of NFTs has evolved over time compared to that of cryptocurrencies.
  • Market activity: including, detailed analyses of the performance of the NFT markets, the distribution of activity between the different segments (Gaming, Collectibles, Metaverses, Art…) as well as the liquidity of the markets and the distribution between primary and secondary markets by segment. Also includes an analysis of the most-used cryptocurrencies for buying NFTs.
  • Sales and Trends (in Pro Edition only): including, the highest sales by segment and by year, and the assets with the highest liquidity and the evolution of their price over time.
  • Making a Profit with NFTs (in Pro Edition only): including how the various stakeholders in the industry manage to generate profits through NFTs.
  • Are NFTs Becoming Mainstream?: including, how many new wallets interact with NFTs, what brands and licenses are entering the NFT industry, and what communities they will potentially join within the NFT ecosystem.
  • Community Behaviours
  • 2021 Predictions

Download or purchase the full report here.

The Open Metaverse OS Paper

The Open Metaverse OS Paper

If you’re a developer/tech guru and want to know about the mechanisms of the Metaverse, this paper is for you. The Open Metaverse OS Paper, written by Jamie Burke, covers not only the technical aspects of the Metaverse but also its role in the progression of humanity and collective consciousness.

The Open Metaverse OS Paper covers the following topics: 

  • Defining the Metaverse
  • Competing Multiverses: including, closed platforms/economies vs. open protocol platforms/economies leveraging blockchain technology
  • Web 3 – A Stack for an Open Metaverse
  • The Web 3 Toolbox: including, how Web 3 design principles, protocols and standards form a toolbox for the entrepreneurs & architects in the Metaverse.
  • Building in the Metaverse: including the Anatomy of a Virtual World.
  • The Open Metaverse OS: including, is it ready for prime time, effects of Web 3 technology being optimized primarily for decentralization and transaction security vs. smooth, real-time interactions.
  • An Openness Framework
  • Why Build in the Open Metaverse?
  • The Empty World Problem: including, how open virtual worlds can catch up and equal the content and rich experiences of today’s dominant virtual world and gaming platforms.
  • Humanity’s Greatest Economic Experiment: including, how the Open Metaverse can create an entirely new wealth in a purely virtual sense but which also puts bread on the table and roofs over people’s heads, as well as play-to-earn turning into ‘play as work.’
  • Top Down Regulatory Forces: including, the impact of regulations on cryptocurrencies and the effect of cryptocurrencies on fiat-based currencies.

Download the full report here

The NFT ecosystem is formed by an incredible community of developers, gamers, artists, and all kinds of creators who are inspired to push the boundaries of innovation. Twitter has a great NFT community and is the best place to keep up with what’s happening daily in the space. Since the space is still so young, there are new changes and developments happening every single day, so it’s always good practice to stay up to date by reading the latest news, research and market analyses. 

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